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Gongura is a leafy vegetable which has a very rich in Iron, vitamins and anti oxidants. Gongura comes in two varieties, green stem leaf and red stem. The red stem variety is sour than the green stem variety. Gongura is also known as Andhra Maatha (Mother of Andhra Food). Guntur city in Andhra produces a good quality Gongura. From that we will prepare Gongura pickle.
Mango is a very spicy and tangy recipe in Andhra Pradesh, it is made from mango it is a very famous pickle for every house hold person. At the time of summer every will start preparing the mango pickle. It is very taste and never forget about it.
Chintakaya Pachadi is too spicy same as the mango, it is used in curd and rice to enjoy the spicy food, it is very famous in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu and etc.
Red Mirchi
This is a very famous in North & South India is a very spicy pickle. The red mirchi is spiced chili pickle recipe, made with mustard and aniseed, and it is flavored with lemon juice to taste and sealed with oil.
Lemon pickle is basic and important pickle available in the Indian kitchens. The lemon pieces were sour, spicy, sweet and pungent all flavors embedded in one piece of lemon. One tiny bite would tickle your taste but leave them completely refreshed. Because lemons are not available in India, the terms limes and lemons are used inter changeably in India. The pickle can be safely stored for up to one year.
This is one of the pickle once we taste it we can't it preparing we may be listening about mango, red mirchi and etc. and now in India one more famous pickle is the chicken pickle everyone will be liking it a lot. Made with all the same spices that go into a pickle, this delicious dish goes well with chapattis, parathas and naans.

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