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Nalla Karam
Nalla Karam normally translates to "Black chili powder' in Telugu, It is similar karam powder yet different in terms of looks, texture and flavor. Coriander seeds, tamarind and raw garlic give the podi a wonderful texture and flavor. And we can have it with breakfast and also with cooked rice by giving ghee with that.
Samber Powder
Sambhar powder is a spice used throughout India, especially the southern states as a flavor while preparing sambhar, some common ingredients in sambhar powder are toor dal, red chillies, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, pepper corn dry curry leaves. The sambhar powder helps to recreate the flavors of whole spices without taking the trouble to roast and ground them individual.
Rasam Powder
Rasam powder made of spices, which allows preparing rasam quickly. Making rasam becomes a breeze with rasam powder in hand....You can use this rasam powder for any type of rasam.
Chutney Powder
Chutney pudi is famous powder to make chutney to use with Dosa, Idli and it matches any Breakfast Items. Also goes along well with white rice and there are many variations for this powder in different houses in different states.
Kura Karam
This podi is used spice up curries like a Chilly powder to bring a different taste from normal cooking, this are not only used vegetables but also in chicken and some other non vegetarian items.

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