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Rava Laddu
Rava Laddu is one of traditional delicious sweets from India that is made with Suji, Sugar, Cashew Nuts, Fresh Coconut, Raisins, Milk, and Ghee. These are offered as special dish during many festival seasons like Sankranthi, Dasara, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturti, weddings or even when there is a small occasion in the family by Indian Community across the world.
Boondi Laddu
Boondi Laddu is another traditional sweet made of Besan, Sugar and Raisins. Boondis are made with Besan fried in oil and then soaked in fragrant sugar syrup and made laddus while it is hot. Boondi Laddu is served in many occasions including Weddings, House Poojas or Ceremonies.
Sunnundalu is made with Urad dal and Ghee and it's a very healthy sweet for pregnant women and kids. Urad dal is protein rich and served in many occasions.
Kajjikaya has a light, crisp exterior and as you bite into this crescent shaped sweet, its crunchy texture with the subtle sweet flavor of dried coconut and sugar laced with a tinge of cardamom, stretches into every bite, leaving you very satisfied and craving for more. The sweetness of the kajjikaya is subtle that you can easily have 2 to 3 kajjikayalu without feeling heavy.
Khaja is a sweet delicacy of Andhra Pradesh, India. Kakinada, a coastal city in Andhra Pradesh, is popular for Khajas, hence the name. Like Gulab Jamuns, Khajas and Jhangris were introduced in India by Muslim Vikings. From Bihar, Khajas are believed to have travelled to some other parts of India, including Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh.
Jhangri or Jangri is a popular sweet dish in India. The main ingredient of this dish is Urad dal. Jhangri is a dessert is very popular across Indian subcontinent including Rajasthan, West Bengal and South India
Jalebis can best be described as funnel cakes. Jalebis can be made thin and crispy or thick and juicy. Jalebis taste best when served hot.
Mysore Pak
This mysore Pak was first created in mysore palace by the chef Kakasura Madappa, This dessert made from besan, ghee and sugar syrup that has been cooked slowly and reduced to a consistency.

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